Corporate Gifting

As the shift continues from work-from-home to office life, it's never a bad idea to surprise your team, co-workers, or clients with something that adds excitement to the day. Since you'll be gifting a big group rather than an individual, sticking with fail-proof gift ideas is easier for you and more likely to please them -- and what's more universally appreciated and enjoyed than food?

So if you're looking for an opportunity or excuse to show a little appreciation for a team, client, or both, here's how to create the perfect foodie corporate gift package. 

Pick the occasion 

It is intentionality that sets a thoughtful gesture apart from a random gift. Even if you are planning to surprise someone with a corporate gift, it's important to determine when you're planning to send it, even if it's just on a random Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes "just because" is as good of a reason as any to express appreciation, and other times there are specific occasions worthy of extra celebration. 

Some good opportunities to send a corporate gift are:

  • An office party
  • At the end of a demanding work week
  • On a day when many employees are in the office if the work environment is a remote/in-person hybrid
  • To celebrate a partnership with a new client
  • To recognize excellent achievement
  • To say thank you
  • Around the time of a holiday or any special occasion

Identify the purpose

Maybe your desire to send a foodie corporate gift is simply to offer appreciation for clients and/or employees. No matter what the reason is, defining the gift's purpose will help ensure that the recipient understands the meaning behind it, which always strengthens the impact of the gift. Once the purpose has been identified, it's always nice to include a small card or note to share why you're sending the gift.

Focus on variety

Since corporate gifts are often catering to a wide audience, and sometimes to people that you don't even know if you're sending it to another team, creating a package that has variety is essential in creating a gift that has the highest odds of being a hit. So, if you're putting together an assortment of food, let's say brownies for example 😜, including a sampling of each flavor is a more one-size-fits-all approach to corporate gifting. Also if possible, make sure to include options to suit people with various dietary restrictions including Vegan, Kosher, and Peanut-Free and other preferences.

Quality over quantity

To eliminate excess cost and waste, it is important to order the right amount of food. Quality over quantity is the surefire way to satisfy everyone without overspending or ending up with lots of uneaten food. And gifts are a reflection of your company, so choosing a gift that is high quality is as important as choosing to send a gift at all. 

Make an experience out of the gifting

Nothing brings people together like food does! So if the gift is being gifted to people in your own office, this is the perfect opportunity to get to better know your team and co-workers. To take this time a step further, you could even plan a small team-building activity as everyone is enjoying their food. Creating space for teammates to mingle and work together in ways beyond the usual work-based collaboration is a great way to bolster camaraderie.

When you’re getting ready to put a package together, check out our corporate gifts brownie packages for pre-made variety packs. No matter what the reason, a mid-day sugar kick and delicious brownies are always well-received. So there's no need to overthink it or sit around waiting for the perfect moment to send a gift, the right moment is almost always now!