We’re Making Sustainability Sweet with Our Work In and Out of the Bakery

Before any cage-free eggs are cracked, or fair trade cocoa is measured, we add the most important ingredient to our brownies: sustainability. At Greyston Bakery, we work with a three-pronged approach to establish sustainable practices on environmental, economic, and social levels. It all starts at the bakery’s front doors, but our efforts towards sustainability go far beyond the baking of our brownies.

Racking Up Some Serious Brownie Points with Planet Earth

Just as we take care to support our bakers, we also work hard to support ethically sourced products. That’s why we include cage-free eggs, fair trade sugar, and fair trade cocoa in our list of ingredients. In addition to using sustainable materials, we also make sure to partner with organizations that share our values when it comes to social and environmental responsibility.

Before our brownies are shipped to Whole Foods Market shelves for you to enjoy, they’re baked using the power of the sun, with energy harnessed by the thirty-six solar panels that sit on the building’s roof. By mitigating our environmental impact, we create a brownie you can feel good about: a brownie that increases opportunities for employees and decreases our carbon footprint.

Empowering Employees Towards Economic Sustainability

As a bakery on a mission towards social change, our work doesn’t stop once the brownies have been baked. We are committed to our community and the growth of its people, which has led us to establish support systems that help our bakers thrive outside their shifts at the bakery. This kind of support comes in the form of childcare services and after-school programs, all of which help empower employees towards self-sufficiency.

Growing Social Sustainability through Community Gardens

Believe it or not, we have favorite foods besides brownies. In fact, we’re huge fans of all things green, especially if those greens come from our community gardens. Our bakers may be expert brownie-makers, but Greyston’s community gardens allow them, along with hundreds of other Yonkers families, to learn about growing veggies and choosing healthy foods. By establishing nine gardens that each serve as outdoor classrooms and hubs of fresh fruits and vegetables, we help the Yonkers community grow fresh produce and share healthy ideas.

So whether you’re munching on Chocolate Mint Brownie Crisps or treating yourself to a Brown Sugar Blondie, you can snack happy knowing that your treat came from a bakery where environmental, economic, and social sustainability are always the first ingredients.