Hey, Greyston fans! We know you’ll want to give your love something sweet for Valentine’s Day. This year, step up your game with a Brownie Heart Pop Bouquet! Here’s how to create these fun, delicious treats in your own home. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Greyston Bakery Brownies and Blondies 
  • white chocolate or candy melts 
  • sprinkles 
  • lollipop sticks 
  • heart-shaped cookie cutter 
  • parchment paper 
  • glass jar 
  • decorative filling for the jar  


1. Cut heart shapes out of the brownies and blondies.

2. Dip the tip of each lollipop stick in the melted white chocolate candy, and insert sticks into the bottoms of the hearts until the they are in the center. Refrigerate or freeze until the candy melts harden in place.

3. When candy is set, dip the hearts, one at a time, into the candy melts until completely coated. Allow excess to drip back into the container. Place onto parchment paper and put back in the freezer until set.

4. Remove from freezer. Drizzle more white chocolate onto the hearts and quickly top with sprinkles of your choice. Place back into the freezer until completely set.

5. Arrange all the pops into a bouquet in the decorated jar.

Like all our recipes, this is completely customizable, so get creative with choices like chopped nuts or edible glitter. Be sure to share pictures of your Valentine’s Day creations with us by using the hashtags #greyston or #greystonkitchen.