Looking for the Ultimate Dessert? Shake Shack and Greyston Bakery Have You Covered!

Sugar and love! What more do you need? Greyston Bakery’s partnership with Shake Shack is divine, filled with all the sweet treats and love you can imagine!

Shake Shack has grown extensively in popularity over the past few years and for good reason. They sell delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries, frozen custard and shakes using simple and fresh ingredients to an immense number of fans in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia and a few international locations. Shake Shack sources all natural, vegetarian-fed, humanely-raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat, and even offers an oh-so-tasty mushroom burger for the vegetarians amongst us. Further, Shake Shack represents an important movement in business, as a company that recognizes its environmental impact and works to mitigate these effects. We love companies that care for our environment! If you have yet to try a meal here, you are decidedly missing out!

For people like me, with a serious sweet tooth, though, the real treasure lies in the custards, shakes, and floats. If the various established menu items fail to appeal on a given day, you can design your own concrete with mix-ins that will have your mouth watering. Our favorite mix-in, of course, is the Greyston Bakery made Cheesecake Blondie, but the chocolate truffle cookie dough, marshmallow sauce and hazelnut brown butter streusel are scrumptious. Thank you, Shake Shack for creating delicious food made with love and for partnering with us to make the ultimate dessert!

Stop by Shake Shack today and share your pictures and satisfied thoughts with us!