Changing the World One Brownie at a Time

We are thrilled to announce we have, once again, received the titles Best for Community and Best for the World after scoring in the top 10% on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of a company’s impact on its workers, community and the environment. What an honor to be recognized for our work creating opportunities for the marginalized and prioritizing solutions to social and environmental problems over profit.

Greyston Bakery stands amongst several other B. Corporations, such as Down to Earth Markets, Alter Eco and Sustainable Earth Solutions that have made the B. Corp Best for the World List, proving that business can and should be used as a powerful force for good.  We are proud that our score has improved from year to year as we strive to further alleviate poverty locally and globally, answer to the needs of our community  and mitigate our environmental impact. We are recognized for providing jobs to people with barriers to employment, utilizing solar energy, reducing our waste, encouraging healthy and sustainable eating practices through our community gardens programs and channeling resources to an array of local social services, including affordable housing, workforce development and child care.

This honor is a source of pride for Greyston’s whole community. We celebrate our accomplishments but are already pushing our team to strive for an even greater social and environmental impact. Our Open Hiring Policy empowers over 75 people, but our waiting list remains about a year long. We know that the need in the community far surpasses the job availability within the bakery and we work to address that every day.

So take extra pleasure in that Greyston Bakery brownie today. Each delicious Greyston treat you enjoy helps us to transform lives!