Brownies That Taste Good and Sell Homes

What is better than eating a divine Greyston Brownie yourself? Perhaps, sharing it with others!

We, at Greyston Bakery, value innovation, especially when it comes to our products, and so were delighted to discover local real estate broker, Priscilla Toomey of Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s is sharing our delicious treats with clients to promote our good cause,  leverage her business, and encourage satisfied taste buds! She equates our divine brownies to her Bronxville house listings, encountering enthusiastic responses. Thanks, Priscilla! To learn more about Priscilla, check out her website.

Priscilla’s creativity mirrors our values at Greyston and provides a new point of pride for our bakers. How can you incorporate Greyston Brownies into your business or activities? We’d love to hear!