Brownies & Beets: Greyston team gets healthy

We are so excited to announce that we have recently introduced a healthy eating program at Greyston Bakery! The initiative is called Greyston Kitchen and aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle among our employees. Included in Greyston Kitchen is our bakery garden, a farmer’s market program, a series of cooking demos, and several educational ‘field trips’.

Cooking Demos

We will be hosting cooking demos in our break room throughout the rest of July, August and September. We’ve already had seven volunteers sign up to walk everyone through a healthy and in-season recipe of their own! On July 23rd, Amy taught our first cooking demo and it was a great success: though some were hesitant at first to try something new, everyone loved her Beets and Greek Yogurt. The next week, Marketing Intern Sara led the team through a simple and delicious salsa recipe and Karen made chickpea salad. Employees who wanted to make these at home got an easy-to-follow recipe sheet.

Greyston Garden

We planted peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, and various herbs behind the bakery at the end of May, and are proud to say that our veggies are currently thriving. We’ve already managed to harvest some lettuce that was shared amongst Greyston employees. We’ve also started harvesting some of our tomatoes and peppers, which Sara used in her salsa cooking demo. It looks like we will be picking plenty more tomatoes very soon; yum!
Farmer’s market program

Our Greyston Bucks program consists of distributing coupons amounting to $10 per week that each employee can redeem at a local Yonkers farmer’s market for the next four weeks. This means easy access to some seriously nutritious (and local!) produce. We love being able to support local farmers while eating lots of delicious fruits and veggies!

Field Trips

We are planning on running several ‘learning journeys’ for the Greyston Team to discover simple and cost-friendly ways to improve our eating habits. Field trips are planned to include the local farmer’s market, so that employees can find out more about the produce available with Greyston Bucks, a Whole Foods Market Store Tour, and a Greyston Community Gardens cleanup project.

So far, the Greyston Kitchen program has been a lot of fun and we are confident that this initiative will make a positive difference in the health and lifestyles of our team members. We will always love brownies and cookies but we want our team to know that healthier foods can be delicious too!