Baking an Even Bigger Difference

“B” words are all the buzz at Greyston Bakery lately. We know we make the best brownies and blondies, but we are so honored to have landed among some of the best companies for the world (according to B Corp, that is)! This week we were thrilled to hear that Greyston Bakery made the 2014 B Corp Best for Communities list!

So what exactly does that mean? It means that under B-Corp’s B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company’s impact in various capacities, Greyston Bakery scored in the top 10% of other certified mid-size B-Corps for our community impact.

Since our Bakery opened its doors in 1982, our mission has always been to bake high quality products and help change the lives of those who struggle in our community. When we became New York’s first certified B-Corporation, we knew that our efforts were heard. Making this list is yet another way for the Bakery to keep our morale and our mission as strong as ever.

We’re alongside a lot of other awesome companies doing important work, such as d.light Designs, Sunrise Banks, Catchafire, and so many more. You can look at all the amazing B Corporations that were honored as Best for the World 2014 here:

By continuing our Open Hiring policy and supporting the affordable housing, childcare, workforce development, and other Greyston Foundation goals, we are proud to be baking a difference.