Another Baker on a Mission Inspires

The best part about working at Greyston Bakery is not necessarily the incredibly intoxicating scent of chocolate baking (though that hunger inducing smell certainly sweetens the day). The magic of Greyston Bakery lies in the stories of our bakery team. Today, we reveal Darren’s inspiring Full Circle Story.

Darren has proudly worked at Greyston Bakery for the past four years. Before joining the bakery, Darren felt his life had fallen off track and he had lost sight of his ultimate goals. He saw his only daughter growing older and realized he needed to be a positive influence for her, showing her the merits of genuine hard work and self-respect. Having grown up in Yonkers, Darren was very familiar with Greyston Bakery and decided to join the community.

Since then, Darren has earned multiple promotions within the bakery. He now serves on the team as a mixer and is incredibly proud to have a comprehensive understanding of food safety standards as well as forklift certification. “I love working under the Mandala umbrella. There is no separation. Everyone works together and respects each other.” Mandala refers to the sense of community so integral to the Greyston family, an important nod to our roots in Buddhist principles.

“I am inspired by the people I work with every day, even the apprentices. I see how they approach the job, and how they want to change their lives. I remember that feeling. I want to tell them ‘Give yourselves a chance!’”

Darren’s proud of the work ethic he has cultivated, but his biggest accomplishment: raising a daughter who works hard, has been placed on Honor Roll at her school and aspires to be a lawyer. He someday hopes to return to school and gain managerial skills. For now, though, Darren feels truly happy baking his favorite dessert- Brown Sugar Blondies, and having plenty of time to spend with his daughter. He hopes to pass the lessons he has learned over the years on to his daughter and to all the new employees looking for a second chance. “Life gets better. Focus on your goals. Set time for yourself and good things will happen.”