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At Greyston Bakery, we pride ourselves on making really good brownies and blondies. We used the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients, don't use preservatives, and bake each and every delicious brownie and blondie with love. It's one of reasons why companies like Ben & Jerry's chose Greyston Bakery as the provider of brownies for their world-famous ice cream. It's also the reason why individuals and corporations choose Greyston Bakery as their go-to source for delicious, meaningful, gifts. 

The holidays are right around the corner.....

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I just enjoyed the greatest packaged brown sugar Blondie ever! I was only going to eat half but I couldn't stop myself! Thank you for making a fantastic product.


I've only had their brownies in Ben and Jerry's ice cream and that's all it took to be sold for life! Thank you Greyston Bakery! Will definitely go here on my trip to New York!


The brownies and blondies are amazing, and the foundation's social philosophy is a plus!


After seeing Greyson Bakery story on David Muir ABC Nightly News, I had to order some brownies to try out. The basic chocolate brownie is smooth, creamy and nothing but chocolate. The blonde brownie is ever so enticing. I purchased a 12 pack and had my family try. Nothing but rave reviews. I will not be sharing the remainder, that’s for sure.

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